Accommodation in Bilbao

If you need a place to stay while you are in Bilbao, we have a number of hostels and hotels that collaborate with us. Ask us about the discounts you can benefit from if you book with us at one of the following accommodations:


Poshtel Bilbao is located in the central neighborhood of Abandoibarra, two minutes from the Guggenheim museum and the estuary of Bilbao. If you want to stay in a modern but stylish neighborhood, well located and with shops and bars nearby, this is your best option.

Ganbara Hostel is located in the famous Casco Viejo neighborhood of Bilbao. If you want to stay in a neighborhood with a lot of atmosphere, history, museums and shops of all kinds, this hostel is for you.

All Iron Hostel is located in the emblematic neighborhood of Begoña, a few meters away from the Basilica. If what you are looking for is a quieter and more residential area which is still a few minutes away from the center, we recommend this hostel.


For a quiet stay near the Termibus station and the San Mamés stadium, HOTEL ZENIT BILBAO **** may be your best option.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel in the historic center of Bilbao that combines tradition and modernity, HOTEL TAYKO **** is your place.

If you want to be close to the city center, but in a quiet and residential area, HOTEL SILKEN INDAUTXU **** is your lodging.

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