Contents and objectives:

The objective of this service is for you to know in detail the structure of the DELE exam, the tasks and what you need to do to prepare. To do this, we do a simulated DELE exam (you choose the level you want to diagnose).

Before class, we send you by email the DELE exam of the level you have selected. You must do all the tasks in the written part of the exam and then send us your answers by email.

Afterwards, in a 90-minute face-to-face (or online) meeting with a DELE examiner, you do the oral part and review all the answers to the written part. The DELE expert will give you a diagnosis of your chances of performing at the level you want and in which aspects you need to improve.


Target group:

If you want to obtain an international DELE certificate, but you have doubts about which level take or if you want an action plan on how and how long to prepare.


From beginners to advanced (A1 to C2).

If you want to know your level of Spanish, click here.

Number of students per class:

1 person and 1 teacher / DELE evaluator.


 1 class (presential or face to face) of 90 minutes + The workload of the written exam to be taken at home (varies depending on level).


1 class. 

Calendar and schedule:

To be agreed with the student





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