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ELE de Bilbao is a young company dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We are teachers with a wide range of professional training and experience in language didactics. We believe in the need of a professional place in Bilbao where we can develop truly effective communicative techniques for learning a foreign language.

How do we work?

Language immersion

Our lessons are delivered entirely in Spanish so that you can practice real communication from the start.

Class activities

Our class dynamics seek the active participation of students, both individually and in groups, making learning fun and motivating.

Communicative method

Our teachers know how to relate the linguistic contents of each level with specific and necessary communicative functions in each course.

Class materials

Our materials are a combination of books from leading publishers in research and teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and materials of our own creation.

Teaching team

Miranda Trincheri Urbistondo

I have been a Spanish teacher for over fifteen years. I am from Argentinean Patagonia, but I have lived and taught in different countries, and now my place in the world is Bilbao.

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One thing I love about my work is the cultural exchange in class. Whenever I teach my language and culture, I learn something from my students. I speak Spanish, English, Italian and Modern Greek.


Escuela de Español para Extranjeros ELE de Bilbao
Escuela de Español para Extranjeros ELE de Bilbao




I am a Spanish teacher, as well as Basque and English with a wide experience. I am also a primary and pre-school teacher with a Master’s degree in Special Educational Needs.

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I consider myself a dynamic, patient and very motivated person. I love learning about other cultures and the exchange of knowledge that takes place in class.




Escuela de Español para Extranjeros Bilbao


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